Web Development

web development image for website

One of the most common things we hear when talking to clients is that they believe their website needs to be revamped, re-designed, better optimized, responsive, or improved with any number of other enhancements and better technology. The bad news is that most websites evolve through an ongoing series of image and text changes, and initial objectives of continuity between desktop and mobile sites and consistent brand identity often take a backseat to other marketing projects. So a lot of websites stay looking mostly the same to the outside world, changing little as the company alters its strategies, target audiences value propositions. And on the inside, many sites suffer from broken links, outdated software and text and images that may no longer even be relevant.

It’s very hard to quantify how much business you might be losing, and how much you could have gained, with a completely new website that uses the latest technology for content, speed and optimization. But it’s safe to say that if you’re investing in generating a lot of new leads and driving potential customers directly to your website, the odds a very good that you could be greatly increasing your sales conversion rates and selling your unique brand, with a new or upgraded site.