Finding a Unique Market Position with the Moving Target Method

. August 20, 2016

moving target

New businesses or businesses trying to figure out their unique competitive advantage and create a defensible market position would do well to think of their business strategies as a moving target. Most companies start out with a definite market and target audience in mind. They throw a bunch of ideas and activities against the wall and if they’re smart, keep an eye on the feedback loop to see what does and doesn’t work. In a related post, we touch on identifying in-house experts who are often capable of developing valuable insights into products and services that resonate with certain types of desirable customers, and using them to communicate authority to the outside world and to drive strategic company initiatives.  These same individuals are often at the forefront of ideas for unique marketing positioning, having been involved in operational roles with customers as the company’s strategies evolve and changes are made in product features and functionality.  At some point, the moving target, with specific customers and corresponding product or service features, stops and the company moves in a clearer direction toward higher levels of growth and sustainable strategies.

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