Big Ideas are Evolutionary, not Revolutionary

. August 15, 2016


Great ideas are seldom revolutionary, but often evolutionary. TV’s Madmen series ended with a dramatization of a famous creative director coming up with an award winning Coke commercial tagline, that went down in history as one of the “Big Ideas” of advertising. But most of us mere mortals settle for creative ideas that help build our brands over time, in less glamorous industries and markets.

We believe that there is an inherent evolutionary spark that permeates everything in life, and that all of life’s endeavors have the potential to have an act 2, 3, 4, 5 ad infinitum. So whenever we’re working on a creative marketing or business development program, we always ask the question: “What else can we do?” The fact is – that whatever you’re doing with your marketing and business development programs – you haven’t even scratched the surface of what you could be doing. There’s always something else you can do, whether it’s adding a new component to your marketing mix, trying out new media, dragging that bulky display to your next demo, hiring the intern to make those introduction calls, trying a new product feature…

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