Identifying In House Experts to Help Build Authority

. August 11, 2016

in house expert
Nearly every company has one or more people, on board as founders, CEO’s, employees or consultants, that possess some unique knowledge, capability or understanding that can build the foundation to set the company apart from its competition.  These in-house “experts” can come from marketing, sales, customer service, tech support, manufacturing or higher levels of management, and it’s worthwhile to cultivate them for their knowledge and insight, and as key employees for career development opportunities.

We’ve seen this phenomenon at virtually every client engagement or in-house experience we’ve had over the years.  Companies often take similar paths of development through various stages of growth. Many start out with more generalized strategies, thinking they can sell their products or services to a variety of different target markets, or one larger, more specific market. Then they start building their operations, trying out different value propositions and marketing directions, testing and analyzing and discovering what does and doesn’t work.  And then, certain people inside the company start to get insights and the metaphorical lightbulbs start to go off in their heads.  They start to see more people responding in bigger ways to different product enhancements or marketing programs. And they start to gather and build upon their specialized knowledge, and become champions around the company that inspire other employees and management to follow their leads.

These are the people with ideas and technical know-how, and they start to become more eloquent in their ability to speak and write about their developing insights.  And if they are not skilled as spokespersons, their knowledge and insights are a resource that should be tapped by upper management as they move more into the public eye to promote the company as a thought leader. Putting these people in customer and media-facing roles or using their expertise, is a very powerful method of building authority in markets and setting your company apart from your less innovative competition.

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