Business Development/Partnerships

business development

Perhaps no other single sales and marketing related activity can have a bigger affect on a company’s ability to jump to a completely new level, than Business Development and Partnership building. Business Development can mean a lot things. It can mean partnering with like-minded companies in shared markets – for example, a solar energy company might develop a lead sharing relationship with a business that sells energy efficient windows and doors. Or guitar pedal manufacturer might get their pedals into a guitar company’s booth at a trade show, giving them access to more customers and giving them instant credibility by getting their products associated with the bigger, more established brand.

Other types of Business Development activities can focus on maximizing relationships with their vendors. If your company is, or has the potential to be a big customer of a manufacturer or distributor, they often have the ability to get closer to the supplier, getting more attention for participation at special events, conferences, and among top management at the bigger company. But Business Development usually doesn’t happen and grow on its own: you have to be pro-active and creative to offer new ways to help the targeted partner, and to ultimately help them sell more of their products or services.

Market Development Funds (MDF) and Co-op marketing programs are like found money for the smartest and most creative companies. Read more about this on our blog post: MDF and Co-op is like Found Money!

We’ve seen Business Development activities completely change the face of companies, allowing them to better define their unique market position while building out its corresponding unique internal resources to move ahead of their competition. ¬†We help companies with strategies and tactics to target and engage with strategic partners, and to implement mutually beneficial joint marketing programs once the relationships are started.