Video and Multimedia

Most companies have the ability to build a competitive market position by becoming “thought leaders” in specific market niches and segments. This technique requires identifying individuals within the company who can persuasively communicate the company’s unique competitive advantages; identify with prospects and customers on emotional and intellectual levels; and have the ability to accomplish these goals through videos and as spokespersons in different social and traditional media interviews.

We create a variety of different kinds of video for a heating and air conditioning client. Here are three different examples of video communications, for the same company, from three different sources that build thought leadership for this company. Having videos from more than one source provides much more credibility that if they are all from the same source.

1. This is a placement of the company’s TV commercial on their website – the commercial video is one of several components on a rotating header. We intentionally placed it first in the rotation and leave it there long enough for site visitors to decide to click on it before it rotates to the next header image:

Click this link to view the TV commercial

2. This is a link to a regular video feature that we produce in conjunction with The Approved Home Pro Show. This company has created a network of companies in the construction trades that appear on a weekly television show every Friday morning, on a weekly radio show and in a variety of other activities that provide third party endorsements and create instant credibility for companies, their products and their spokespersons.

Click on this link to view this video from the Approved Home Pro Show

3. This video was produced by The HERO Program, the leading PACE financing company that specializes in funding energy efficient home upgrades in conjunction with city and county governments. It was made to highlight an award that was given to the company for outstanding service. It runs on the HERO Program site, as well as the company’s website and Youtube channel, and communicates credibility and a strong perceived relationship to the HERO Program, to potential customers and partners.

Click on this link to view the HERO Program Video